A Children's Book

Let's Build with Rosie!

This book be sure to inspire adults and children alike to dare to live out their wildest dreams and believe they can! This tale is about a young girl who was curious enough to ask questions, and brave enough to try again after failing.

About the Author

Rose is an award winning engineer and has founded an international start-up where here IP is competing against that built by Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Apple.

She struggled to find encouraging books as a kid and wants to change that for the future generation!

Hear From Our Readers

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Melissa Sequeira, Sr. Marketing Lead in IDNow

This is the book I needed when I was a kid!

Anna Sophia, Waldorf School

I am going to buy a copy for all of my students and make sure there is a copy in each of our Waldorf Schools!

Miranda May, VP at ODDITY

The book I wish I had as a child -- and exactly what the next generation needs.

Malka Glick, Seminary Teacher

I'm obsessed!!!!!!!!!!!

Esty W. NYC Pre-school teacher

I love the book, and overall theme.... Not giving up, believing in yourself, and there are so, so many lessons embedded within and the graphics are so good and so exciting. It makes kids want to read it

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